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  • Don’t rest your elbows on the table while eating around older Americans. It is considered bad manners. Younger generations care less about this. --Carissa
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  • Avoid chewing food with your mouth open. Do not attempt to speak with your mouth full of food...it is rude. --photos
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  • Don't rest your hands on the table when you're eating, more polite to keep them down --Caliman
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  • ALWAYS leave a 15-20% tip for waitstaff, they live off their tips. Restaurants pay below poverty wages & tips are shared --Kmh260
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  • It is polite to add a tip of 15-20% (or more, for good service) at restaurants, bars, etc. --Dave
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  • Tip at restaurants with a server and all bars. 20% of the check is normal. --MC
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  • In the US we typically tip 20% for good service, more if it was really great. --Nursealicia
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  • At a typical restauraunt, expect to be finished in about an hour. Usually the staff will get anxious if you aren't moving on as it impacts their income. At a bar, as long as you continue to order drinks or food, you can typically stay as long as you want. --Dennis
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  • Tipping is strongly encouraged for most food services...restaurants, food deliveries, etc. --mlyon
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  • You must tip 20% at any sit down restaurant, bar, taxi, nail salon, hairdresser, massage. Tipping 20% is still typical for take out but can be less. --vivaldi1206
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