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  • If you're a woman, don't wear white to the wedding, that color is reserved for the bride --Caliman
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  • Avoid saying “you people” when speaking to someone about a specific group of people that they are a part of. It is generally considered rude and offensive. --Carissa
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  • Do not attend a wedding unless you have been specifically invited by the Bride or Groom. It is very rude and unwelcome and is called “Wedding Crashing”. --Carissa
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  • Do not flush tampons or pads or wet wipes down the toilet. Place them in the trash can. --Carissa
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  • Never use the word "nigger" to describe a black person, even though you hear this in rap music from the USA. This is an extremely offensive word and it will be very bad if you say it to them. Just say "black" or "African American". --Zoolander
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  • Do not curse and swear around elderly people, as nearly all of them will take offense. Don’t curse or swear in a business setting, or when speaking to someone you do not know very well. Leave that language for close friends and people whom you know are OK with it. --Carissa
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  • Don’t rest your elbows on the table while eating around older Americans. It is considered bad manners. Younger generations care less about this. --Carissa
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  • Avoid chewing food with your mouth open. Do not attempt to speak with your mouth full of food...it is rude. --photos
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  • Do not comment on a woman’s weight, it is always considered offensive. --Carolinapines
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  • Americans don't expect gifts for no reason. A gift is unnecessary unless it's a special occasion or you are thanking a host for going out of their way. --Christine F
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  • ALWAYS leave a 15-20% tip for waitstaff, they live off their tips. Restaurants pay below poverty wages & tips are shared --Kmh260
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  • Control your body odor. Take showers every couple days and wash with soap. Use deodorant. Body odor is nauseating and will make people want to stay away from you or exclude you from things. --Carissa
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  • You can turn right on red unless otherwise marked in most states (Note: not NY!) --vivaldi1206
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  • Smile and acknowledge strangers. Americans will smile and say hello to you if you are in their general vicinity or personal space. They are not always trying to start a conversation and may simply be acknowledging your presence in a polite manner. --Carissa
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  • Check if there is an online wedding registry to buy gifts for the couple --Caliman
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  • Open the gift when they give it to you, not later. At least try to act grateful and surprised. --Caliman
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  • Start business with smalltalk, basic conversation before getting to business details --Caliman
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  • When an American asks if you want something (a second helping of food, help carrying a bag, etc.), it is customary to give your honest answer immediately and gratefully. Some Americans may ask again in order to be polite, but most often if you say no, it's understood that you actually do not want it --gdwills
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  • Put all toilet paper in the toilet, not the trash can. Be sure the toilet flushes before leaving a public bathroom. Sometimes it is automatic, but if not, be sure to flush. Also, do not stand on the toilet seat. --Christine F
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  • If you choose to have long nails, be sure to clean under them. Do not leave dirt and grime embedded under your nails. --Carissa
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