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  • Don't just pick up stuff in stores! In small towns outside the main tourist areas it's polite to ask permission before handling retail merchandise. --Christine F
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  • When you enter a shop (bakery, cafe, etc.), it's polite to greet the owner/attendant. A simple "Bonjour!" will do! --Dave
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  • Arriving at a Customer Meeting or in a room With unknown people, say hello to everyone personally and introduce yourself if possible or wave the hand/node the head if there is too much people as it can be perceive arrogant or impolite to “ignore” people. --FrenchinGermany
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  • And when leaving, say thanks, and goodbye - 'bonne continuation' is an idiomatic way to say 'have a good rest of the day' - and this applies too at, e.g., deli counters in supermarkets, and checkouts. --jim h
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  • learn some basic French and pronounce phrases well as they usually don't speak English. I offer some French language courses and pay a lot of attention to prononciation on my instagram @french.lu --French.lu
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