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  • Never give chrysanthemums as a gift, they are only for All Saints Day to put on graves --Diana
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  • Don’t call 14th July ‘Bastille Day’. Its Fete Nationale --Jane Le Chêne Vert
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  • Don't just pick up stuff in stores! In small towns outside the main tourist areas it's polite to ask permission before handling retail merchandise. --Christine F
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  • To say hello to a woman one kiss on the cheeck is expected, don t really kiss it, touch her cheek with yours and make a smack noise with your lips. To a man grab the hand. If you are a woman and don t want the cheek kiss, extend your hand to make things clear :). With corona, easier too avoid now :) --Frenchingermany
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  • Don't cut cheese on a charcuterie as you wish, it's a sacred process for the French and needs to be cut the right way. --Oregano55
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  • When you enter a shop (bakery, cafe, etc.), it's polite to greet the owner/attendant. A simple "Bonjour!" will do! --Dave
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  • bonjour / bonsoir - is for greetings bonne journée / bonne soirée - when you leave
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  • Place your bread on the table next to your plate instead on your plate --Tina
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  • Make sure to sit in your assigned seat # on the train, and if there's someone already sitting there and they don't want to move, then it's normal to ask the train conductor to mediate. --Bonjour
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  • In France, it is appreciated if you are a guest, to come with a small gift, for exemple, flowers, a bottle of wine, some cheese or chocolates. --Valerie Marcenac
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  • Greet people first with "Bonjour" etc before anything else. Before you order your coffee, before you ask something in a shop, etc. Bonjour first. --Serra
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  • When you meet someone, especially if they are older, we use formality in France. --Valerie Marcenac
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  • It is appreciated to say "Hello" to a bus driver. --Valerie Marcenac
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  • Be polite, as well as saying bonjour to anyone working in a shop even the cashiers, remembering to say thanks/ merci and goodbye au revoir. If all cases if somebody says bonjour to you always respond with bonjour --George Colvin
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  • Arriving at a Customer Meeting or in a room With unknown people, say hello to everyone personally and introduce yourself if possible or wave the hand/node the head if there is too much people as it can be perceive arrogant or impolite to “ignore” people. --FrenchinGermany
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