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    What NOT to do
  • 3 entries
    What to do
  • If you're a woman, don't wear white to the wedding, that color is reserved for the bride --Caliman
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  • Do not attend a wedding unless you have been specifically invited by the Bride or Groom. It is very rude and unwelcome and is called “Wedding Crashing”. --Carissa
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  • On Halloween day, when kids come to your door and extend their bag of chocolates towards you, dont think it is an offer to take some!!! You are expected to give them chocolates. --Sam Man
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  • Check if there is an online wedding registry to buy gifts for the couple --Caliman
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  • At the reception there will be a box on the gift table for the Honeymoon Fund. Put some money in a card before hand and place the card in the box. This box will be locked or guarded for safety. --Carissa
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  • It is wise to research wedding gift etiquette for the state you’re in prior to attending a wedding. --Carolinapines
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