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  • Do not pick a taxi up on the street, those are not the most reliable. Use transportation apps to find rides to be more safe! --magapaz
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  • Shower. Always take showers. Being smelly is considered a criminal offense. --Lukas
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  • When drinking hot chocolate or "aguapanela" you can put inside the cheese or bread in pieces or just dip the bread. --Maria Camila
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  • When you’re going to buy something at a store, specially at neighborhood stores, people are used to refer to the seller as “veci” (neighbor) “hola, veci” or “buenas tardes, veci”, it’s an affectionate way of speaking to the sellers at stores. --magapaz
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  • Young people refer to their friends as “parcero” (male), “parcera” (female), or “parce” (both) it’s another way to talk to a friend affectionately. For example “hola, parce” is like “hello, friend”. --magapaz
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  • In Bogota, the capital city, one of the most effective ways of going from one place to another is using Transmilenio, a mode of transport that connects almost the whole city. --magapaz
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  • A typical genre of music created in the coast of the country is Vallenato. You must go to a party of vallenato! --magapaz
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  • You must play one of the traditional games of Colombia, named Bolirrana. It consists of a board with holes and the three main holes are with the shape of a frog with its mouth open, you throw some metal hoops and the goal is to get them inside the frogs’ mouths and sum up points. --magapaz
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  • At 6 am in the morning or 6 pm in the evening, the national hymn is played at most of radio stations everyday of the year. --magapaz
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  • Eat arepas, they have different flavours depending on the region, sometimes more salty or sweet but always with cheese. You can eat them for beakfast or "onces" and traditionally served together with eggs and a hot chocolate drink. --Maria Camila
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  • Participate in a novena. In December, 9 days before Christmas, every family around the country celebrates a “novena” each night, it’s a reunion in which people pray, sing and gather around to celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus. --magapaz
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