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  • Do not try to speak Russian to Lithuanians, we have our own Lithuanian language. It is not similar to Russian, so don't ask if it is. Lithuania was occupied by Russia twice, and Lithuanian language was banned in 19th century, so it is a very delicate topic. --Lilith
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  • Dont call us russians anymore. We are independed country and always had our language. --Loreta
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  • Never gift even number of flowers to lithuanians. Even number is giving only during funerals. --Mileta
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  • Never ask if the main language is russian. --Tomas
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  • Dont be surprise that we know english like all people in the world --Loreta
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  • Dont go to sport groups with the same shoes what you go outside. --Loreta
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  • Drink tap water! We have plenty of good quality underground water, so it is totally safe to use tap water for everything. --Lilith
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  • Take your shoes off, when entering someone’s home! Usually, right after you enter the house, there is an obvious dedicated place. It’s custom to say “don’t take your shoes off” - even as a local I get lost on what to do then, but still 99% of the time I take those shoes off :) --GL
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  • In Lithuania, when in traffic jam, if someone lets you in front of them, express gratitude by blinking hazard lights twice or three times --Marius
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  • Take off your shoes when coming into a house, even when the host tells you not to. You may be offered to wear slippers. --Marius
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  • Try traditional food of cold soup and cepelinai. It is something you must try here! --Mindis
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