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  • Don't stick your chopsticks vertically into your rice since it looks like funeral incense. #badluck --intrepid32043
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  • Don't give a clock as a wedding gift. It represents timing the end of the marriage. --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Don't use the number 4 for anything, it's very bad luck. It sounds like the word for death in Chinese. --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Never give white flowers to someone. These are only at a funeral. --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Don't call a waitress or girl 小姐 (xiao3 jie3) like you would it in Taiwan. in China it can mean "prostitute". --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Don't take the seat that faces the door unless you're an elder or the host. That's like the VIP seat --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Locals will often say “you are fat,” “you should wear more clothes, it’s getting cold” and also ask how much you earn and how old your girlfriend or boyfriend is. They are only interested in showing that they care about you and are not trying to offend you. You don’t have to answer them however. --Sakshirajput
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  • Never write in red ink. Red ink is a symbol of protest or criticism, and best saved for teachers correcting students’ homework. --Sakshirajput
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  • Don't Talk about Uncomfortable or Politically Sensitive Topics --Sakshirajput
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  • Do not wear green cap 🧢, it means your partner is cheating on you. --Sakshirajput
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  • The Chinese have little knowledge of queuing and personal space. If you leave a gap in a queue because of your personal space, someone will fill it. --Sakshirajput
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  • When you give or take a business card, hold it with both hands out of respect. --Crouching Squirrel
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  • Do Present and receive things with both hands. This is considered polite in Chinese culture. --Sakshirajput
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  • When you greet someone much older than you in China, you should lower your head below the person you are bowing to in order to show respect and recognition. --Sakshirajput
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  • If you go out with Chinese for a party or dinner, you need to eat and drink as much as they do. Locals love to see you enjoy the food you are offered. Once you refuse to eat or drink (even if you are already full) you can see some disappointment on people’s face. --Sakshirajput
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  • The gesture of using two fingers to tap the dining table is used to show thanks toward whoever refilled your tea. --Sakshirajput
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  • Do address the eldest or most senior person first. This is done as a sign of respect to those in a more senior position --Sakshirajput
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  • Red envelope known as Hongbao (with money inside) is a traditional gift which you can give on any occasion like marriage, new year, job promotion or any place to wish good luck to Chinese people --Deb
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  • Offer food/drink 3 times. When offered initially refuse. --Jifi
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  • Prepare toilet paper if you're going to need it out and about. Often bathrooms will have coin-operated vending machines with toilet paper, too. There will be no pre-used TP in the stalls. --Rad
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