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  • Australia is not a tipping country. Most food and drink businesses will accept a tip if you have found service exceptional but tipping is never expected. Australia has strong fair work laws and reasonable rates of pay, therefore prices are often higher but tipping is not required. --KellieG
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  • Don't even attempt to joke about "putting another shrimp on the barbie" or "G'day mate", or the "Fosters is Australian for beer" tagline from American commercials. People don't find it funny, so it's not worth it. --Zoolander
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  • Do not use the word "bum" unless you mean it as someone's buttocks. Australians don't seem to think "bum" means "vagrant". Calling someone a lazy bum is not vulgar, but it's not what you think. --Rad
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  • Never say “rooting “ for a team. Rooting here is a vulgar term for s€x. Also, we have “bum bags”, not “fanny packs”. The term “fanny” here is a slang term for v@gin@ --Furkidmum
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  • In Australia "rooting" is not cheering or encouragement but is slang for sexualising intercourse. --Muskat
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  • Being pissed is to be drunk. Piss is slang for alcohol specifically beer. --Muskat
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  • In Far North Queensland -- for men and women -- don't wear socks with sandals. If you're wearing short pants and sneakers, don't wear normal-length socks. Wear girls socks. I.e. wear socks that don't come out much from your sneakers. --Rad
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  • Learn local way to pronounce Aussie words. Canberra - can + bruh, like brother. Melbourne - Mel + burn, w/ weak r. Indooroopilly - indrapilly. Brisbane - briz + bin. Dymocks - dimmix. Maersk - mirsk. Stockland - land as in Maryland. Cairns - cans. Bondi/Murrurundi/Quirindi - di like die. --Rad
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  • We love our oceans, but they can be dangerous, it is NOT like swimming in a pool! Always follow the advice signs. Swim between the lifesaver flags. --KellieG
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