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  • Small talk with cashiers in the check out, they will find it strange. In general greeting strangers in Sweden is frowned upon and small talk is a thing that people disdain and avoid. Swedes even go so far to call small talk empty talk (tomprat), or dead talk (dösnack) --Erolin
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  • Always take off your shoes when entering someone's house, leave the dirt outside. --Erolin
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  • Stand in queues and wait for your turn. Often times at places where it is hard to form queues, there will be queue tickets that you can get from machine's and it can be important to get one even when there are not many people around and a lack of queues. --Erolin
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  • Be on time when you have an appointment. Five minutes before the set appointment is fine, but to be right on time is highly viewed. Someone who is late to appointments is generally viewed as a careless or sloppy person. --Erolin
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  • You should drink tap water it's pure and wonderful. It is a bit strange if you ask for bottled water. --Erolin
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