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  • If someone lets you pass, blink your hazard lights a few times as a "thank you" --Karyn
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  • There are many languages spoken in South Africa, as we have 13 official languages! You will be fine speaking English as almost all (85%) of South Africans are fluent in English! If they offer to teach you words in their native language, google what they mean, as South Africans trick foreigners! --Judith Nicole Butler
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  • Always drive on the left-hand side of the road. --jamie t
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  • Social interactions or even enquiries almost always start with "How are you"! --dkar
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  • I would not recommend driving in South Africa, I would hire a service or use Uber to get around! Renting cars is expensive and the risk of getting into an accident is higher if you don’t know how to drive well! --Judith Nicole Butler
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