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  • Make sure you learn European Portuguese and not Brazilian. --portugalwizard
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  • Time is not such a commodity as in other places. Don't get impatient when they take several minutes with each customer. When they get to you, they will take that same time and care with you as well. --GVeach
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  • Be prepared that they are very „chill” about their work. They work without stress and they have time for everything. It can be annoying sometimes… --Emila
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  • Portugal has very good wines. Make sure you try wine from Alentejo and Douro --LaEuropea
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  • Always greet people before launching into your business interaction. "Bom dia" in the morning, "boa tarde" in the afternoon, and "boa noite" after dark. When you are done, thank them and say farewell (repeat the "boa tarde" or give some other pleasantry). --GVeach
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