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  • If you are offered a drink by someone, especially your Polish partner's parents, do NOT refuse unless you don't drink at all. --kokroo
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  • Do not give even number of flowers, always odd, unless it’s funeral. --Sajmon
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  • Order Pierogi. Not pierogies. Pierogi are already plural. With cottage cheese and potato are best. --SylDin
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  • Tap water is totaly fine to drink, so dont be scared to use it --Emila
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  • If You go to a Polish wedding, be prepared to eat and drink A LOT. Also, there is a lot of dancing. --Emila
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  • When you are entering a Polish house remove your shoes. --isa
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  • You should try Polish donuts called „pączki”. They are usually filled with jam inside and deep fried. So good ! --Emila
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  • Polish desserts are amazing. The most famous are sernik, szarlotka and makowiec --Emila
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  • Know that on Sundays all shops are closed, only small ones sometimes are opened. On the last Sunday of the month they are opend but not always, so if You are not sure, just Google. --Emila
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  • Tipical polish dishes are Bigos (cabbage) , Pierogi (dumplings) , Żurek (soup), Kotlet schabowy or Mielone (breaded meat). If You see them in a restaurant, the are a must try ! --Emila
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  • If You are planning to use public transport for a couple days, most of the cities has got weekly or even longer-term tickets. Thats always more affortable option --Emila
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  • The best gift is alcohol. People Here love it, so the most famous gift is probably Polish vodka --Emila
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