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  • DON'T accept the first price a vendor tells you. Bargaining (almost) always gets you a better deal, sometimes half of what the person initially wanted you to pay. This mostly applies to buying things on the street, but some stores are open to giving a discount if you pay in USD. --Emilia
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  • Sprinkle as much as Guaran√≠ into your Spanish as you can, and you will be met with a smile --Philip B
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  • Take your own toilet paper with you wherever you go. Eventually you'll be glad you did. --Emilia
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  • If you overstay in Paraguay or don't have an entry stamp when leaving, a fine applies. However, immigration agents will accept less if you pay in USD or BRL or sometimes even EUR. You won't get a receipt in this case, but it's a lot faster and cheaper. No issues when re-entering the country. --Emilia
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  • If you're in Brazil and want to go to Ciudad del Este for a day or so, DON'T bother asking for an entry stamp. No one checks anyways and you literally have to ask the immigration agent if you want one --Emilia
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  • Public toilets usually aren't free and tend to be dirty. Depending on where you are, try expensive stores/hotels instead. Much cleaner bathrooms there and sometimes they won't even charge you. --Emilia
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