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  • Do not tip. NZ is not a tipping culture. Some NZers are almost hostile to the concept, as they seem to not want a bad precedent set. --TheNewKiwi
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  • Never place your feet on chairs (as you would an ottoman) or sit on a table or any surface that is meant for eating. --Tania
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  • do not open the wedding presents for the couple to put on show with the card, that is the couples joy to open them. --maxneumegentraveller
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  • learn some basic Maori customs. as stated above. anything to do with the head and body you do not put on the table where you eat. like hats, towels, clothes, your bum. --maxneumegentraveller
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  • "Bring a plate" means "bring a dish to share." It does NOT mean just bring an empty plate. --TheNewKiwi
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  • When someone is talking about "tea", you need to hear the word in context to know the meaning. Tea can be a hot drink (cup of tea), but it can also mean a snack (morning/afternoon tea), or dinner (cooking a roast for tea). --TheNewKiwi
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  • Get a relationship property agreement even if you are not married. De facto relationships, with relationship property rights, start at the three year mark, when children are born, or when one partner has made a significant contribution to the relationship. --TheNewKiwi
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  • when invited to an event and asked to "bring a plate". this means you bring food to share with the event. enough that you would need. normally something unique to you/your culture. writting a card of the recipe/contents with the food will make you new friends. especially if has hot spices. and then --maxneumegentraveller
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  • and when invited to an event you offer and go help in the kitchen and help wash the dishers afterwards, even if the hosts not let you. --maxneumegentraveller
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