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  • In Namibia, don't ever try to walk between two people that is against their cultural beliefs always walk aside but never in the middle. - Didi.
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  • In Namibia, they don't put salt on meat cooked in funerals because it's not suppose to be enjoyable! - Didi. - Didi.
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  • Wait until the oldest man at the table has started eating before you start eating. --Nammy
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  • We have the best quality beef on offer. So if you are in for a treat if you enjoy non vegetarian food. --Alex Zacharia
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  • In Namibia, when someone gives you anything be it a gift or anything that person should not go home without anything too! When you accept a gift you should also give something in return as soon as possible! - Didi.
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  • English is the official language in the country. --Alex Zacharia
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