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  • Besides French, German, Luxemburgish and English, You can hear a lot of Portugese. There is a lot of people loving there from Portugal --Emila
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  • People from Luxembourg are very proud of their origin, aspecially of their language. They are very happy when someone know Luxemburgish becouse not many people know it --Emila
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  • Pretty much 100% of people working in the construction companies are portugese. That information can be useful if You work in that field --Emila
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  • French and English are the most used especially in the capital but on the north you will hear German and Luxembourgish in general
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  • there's a lot of Michelin restaurants, check it here :
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  • in Luxembourgish hi = "moien", bye = "adi", thanks = "merci"
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  • If You are hungry on the road, gas stations have got a very good range of food and meals. Some of them look like mini restaurants from the inside ! --Emila
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  • Tipical Luxemburgish dishes are Gromperekichelcher („potato pancakes”), Kniddlelen (potato dumplings) and Rieslingspaschteit (jelly pate). Give them a try ! --Emila
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  • Luxemburg is a only contry in the world with free public transport, so feel free to use it --Emila
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  • Most of the people who works and do business here comes from countries around, for example Germany, France, Belgium --Emila
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