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  • Do NOT sit in the front seat of a yellow or green taxi, if you are a woman. --MrSheikh
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  • If you are a man don't proactively shake hands woman, if she didn't offer it first --i’m Zo
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  • Don't take pictures if there are covered women (hijab or niqab) in the frame. This will be trouble. --MrSheikh
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  • Don't flush toilet paper down the toilet, it will clog the system. Throw it in the wastebasket. --MrSheikh
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  • Don't wear shorts. It's not bad or illegal, it's just frowned upon to see too much skin. --MrSheikh
    10 5
  • Don't use your left hand when eating. It's traditionally reserved for toilet activities. --MrSheikh
    8 6
  • Try the national dish Mensef (rice+lamb+buttery yogurt). Jordanians will love you for it --MrSheikh
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  • If people say "don't pay", (taxi, barber, store), they are only being polite. Make sure to pay. --MrSheikh
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  • If offered drinks (coffee or tea) or snacks, take them gratefully, even if you don't want it. --MrSheikh
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  • If you're in a taxi, make sure the taxi driver turns on the meter when you get in, or you may have an unpleasant fight about the price when you get to your location. --CJ
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  • Take Uber or Careem, they're much cheaper than in Europe. They're safer/better than yellow taxis. --MrSheikh
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  • If you ever need any help, or you find yourself in a sticky situation, do not be be afraid to ask an Arab to help you. They will generally view it as an honor to help you and will do their upmost to help you and make sure you are okay. --CJ
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  • Public transport is safe but confusing. Upper-class Jordanians don't use it but working-class people can help you out. --HappyTraveler
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  • Wash your hands before eating mensif or another dish that requires possibly using your hands. --MrSheikh
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  • When entering a roundabout, the general rule is the people in the roundabout have right of way, so enter carefully --Zeus
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  • When you invite an Arab to your house, and they are ready to leave, first tell them it's too early, then after they continue to insist they're ready to leave, walk with them to the door or out to the street as they're leaving. Keep saying goodbye and wait to close the door until they're out of sight --CJ
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