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  • Don't be "politely late" because you might miss the ceremony. Be at the wedding early. --Hannah
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  • Don't make any noise on a Sunday. For example: don't drill holes in the wall, don't play loud music, don't mow the lawn! It's actually illegal! --Edwin
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  • In public transportation, the space reserved for the handicapped, elderly, and strollers are there for a reason. Don't take it up if you have no business being there. --Rawiyah
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  • Do not address people you do not know, especially older people, in the familiar "du" and do not use their first names. It is "Sie" and the formal Herr/Frau + surname for anyone older, in a professional setting such as government offices, etc. --Rikki
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  • Don't tip unnecessarily. A few Euros for decent service, maybe round up the bill to to the next 5€, and if the service was average or below don't hesitate not to tip at all. German service staff get reasonable pay and don't rely on tips to survive. --Edwin
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  • Do not cross the street if the traffic light for pedestrians is in red! It is very common in other countries to do so, as you might just check out for cars and ignore the traffic light. It does not work like that in Germany and somebody could even say something about it in not a very nice way --Cocoo
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  • Do not be shocked when Germans start talkint to you in English right as they see you. Germans like practicing their English whenever they have the chance, so if they realize you aren't fluent in Deutsch, they will switch to English. As they say, "If you want to learn German don't go to Germany" --Cocoo
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  • When entering a home remove your shoes at the entrance as it is considered polite to leave dirt outside the house. Unless your host specifically says it is ok to leave your shoes on. Most people in Germany remove their shoes and wear house slippers or as they say in German "Hausschuh". --EA
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  • Always wait for people to get off the bus, tram, or train before you get in. Also, queue up like everyone does and enter in an orderly fashion. --Rawiyah
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  • There are often two wedding ceremonies on different days. A weekday ceremony at the town hall, and a church wedding on the weekend. Sometimes not everyone invited to the ceremony will be invited to the reception meal, so there might be cookies at the church afterward with a dinner a few hrs later. --Christine F
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  • When clinking glasses and cheering in Germany it is considered important to look into the other persons eyes. --Chris
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  • Try to go to a bakery early on the morning, the just baked breads are delicious! Usually eaten with butter, cheese, sausages, jam or chocolate --Cocoo
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  • You need to hurry up on the supermarket line. People always seem to be very fast at the supermarket lines and while paying and expect to you do to the same. So pack up your things as fast as you can. --Cocoo
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  • Don't expect ice in your drink and there are usually no free refills. Also no free water. If you want water, ask for a bottle of "still" water, the default is "gassy" water. --Christine F
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  • Gifts aren't super extravagant. For holidays or birthday a body lotion, fragance or something like that is more than enough. Some chocolates are always nice with the gift. --Cocoo
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  • Most people take their shoes off when they come into their house, so if you go to someone else's house, be prepared to be walking around on socks! --Cocoo
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  • Try to pay attention about the different trash cans for recycling. Germany takes it very seriously. --Cocoo
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