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  • Never refer to the Cyrillic alphabet that is used in Bulgaria as the Russian alphabet. It was in fact created here in a town called Veliki Preslav (Great Preslav), one of the first cities in Bulgaria. Each year a public holiday is granted to recognise this. --Whatchan.co.uk
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  • Nodding the head means no, shake head from side to side means yes. --PamJoy
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  • When you want to say "no", don't shake your head. Shaking your head is the bulgarian way to say "yes!. --traveLove
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  • Shopska salad, Tarator, a cold cucumber soup, pork and cheese reign here. Sirene is a sharp feta. Kashkaval is mild and rubbery. I would describe the food as 'homey' especially out of the big cities. --PamJoy
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  • If you give a gift, expect one back! Bulgarians are amazingly generous! --PamJoy
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  • Not everyone speaks English outside of the main cities. A lot of older Bulgarians were taught Russian as a second language. Practice a few phrases to get by. --PamJoy
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  • Administration is difficult, be prepared to spend many frustrating hours being told no. Persistence is key. State computer systems aren't up to Western standards and expect to fill everything out by hand in triplicate. --PamJoy
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  • Public transport is cheap, you might need to book buses in advance as they can get full. If you are travelling from one side of the country to another, take a book as it can take many hours. --PamJoy
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