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  • Don't burp or talk while eating. That's considered rude or impolite. Don't blow your nose while at the table. --P.Oliveira
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  • Brazilians often carry toothbrushes with them and brush their teeth after every meal. If you have “bafo” (bad breath) they won’t want to be around you. --Fernanda
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  • DO NOT try to speak to Brazilians in Spanish. Most people do understand a bit since it's similar to their native language, but Brazil's official language is Portuguese --Emilia
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  • Brazilian coffee tends to be stronger than what you'd find in North America. Don't pour yourself a huge cup (like at Starbucks). --Emilia
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  • When moving about do not wear gold chains, crosses, watches, jewelry or expensive cameras dangling loose from your neck. It makes you a target. Wear plain clothes, nothing really fancy (unless going to an event). Keep phones and wallets in inside pockets close to your person. Don’t leave your bags. --Rafi
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  • When receiving a gift at their birthday party, Brazilians choose to open it later, away from prying eyes. Opening a gift in front of everyone is considered impolite/showing off. --T.Crompton
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  • DON'T throw your toilet paper into the toilet. Use the waste basket provided instead. This applies to houses, apartments, public places, some hotels, everywhere if you want to be on the safe side (unless there's a sign above the toilet saying otherwise) --Emilia
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  • If you rent a car or decide to go visit the slums (favelas). Don't go by yourself, always go with a local or someone who knows the area. --P.Oliveira
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  • Don't arrive on time when you're invited to someone's house! And especially don't arrive early. It's rude...maybe the host isn't ready yet. --Emiliooo
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  • It`s totally accepted and expected for couples to show affection in public. Don`t be shocked ! =) --P.Oliveira
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  • Couples generally sit next to each other not in front of each other at a restaurant. --P.Oliveira
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  • Choose Uber instead of Taxi because they charge a lot more. --P.Oliveira
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  • Learn some basic words in Portuguese if you travel to Brazil but don't try to speak Spanish with us all the time. We will appreciate it! =) --P.Oliveira
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  • Always say "Bom dia", " Boa tarde" or "Boa noite" when you enter any place or ask for information. Brazilians love when you try to speak Portuguese even if you don't say it right. We really appreciate your effort! --P.Oliveira
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  • If you want to buy something like gifts or souvenirs just ask for some discount. =) Smile and say " Tem desconto?" They will probably be so happy that they will give you a discount. (In Rio de Janeiro works ) --P.Oliveira
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  • When invited to a house, eat whatever they offer. It's usually considered disrespectful if you don't accept what they generously offer. Unless you have a serious food restriction. In that case, inform the host. --Olive tree
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  • Choose public transportation in order to really know the culture and locals. --P.Oliveira
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  • Eat all your food with knife and fork, instead of with your hands. If you do eat without knife/fork (like streetfood), hold it with a napkin! --Emiliooo
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  • It's normal for Brazilians to hug and kiss (on the cheeks) people they just met. It doesn't mean that a Brazilian is trying to flirt when they do this. --Emilia
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