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  • It is common to be late or for meetings or other events to run over time. Bosnians have quite a relaxed view of time. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina bride throws an apple over her house, it symbolizes good luck if she manages to throw it over the house. --ReneaBojanic
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  • If you hear gunshots in Bosnia and Herzegovina, don't be afraid. It's probably some celebration, wedding or childbirth. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is custom to remove your shoes before entering someones house. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina it's a custom to drink your coffee for several hours in a coffee shop . --ReneaBojanic
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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has the tenth highest coffee consumption per capita in the world. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina it's a custom to spit three times when a black cat crosses your path. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, if you see police on the road it is customary to notify others on the road, so they slow down and not get caught by police. You notify them by blinking your lights. --ReneaBojanic
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  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina parents call their daughters "son". --ReneaBojanic
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  • Trams were first regularly used in Bosnia and Hrezegovina in Sarajevo, starting in 1885. --ReneaBojanic
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