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  • Don’t use your left hand when eating! It’s considered dirty (hand for wiping after the toilet) --Zureigat
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  • Don't cross your legs or show the soles of your feet while sitting, as it is considered impolite in Algerian culture. --ahmed
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  • Don't chew gum or eat in public during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. --ahmed
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  • Don't ignore older individuals or disregard their advice; elders are respected in Algerian society. --aadil
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  • Don't drive at night, especially in rural areas, as road conditions can be challenging and visibility may be reduced. --aadil
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  • Don't forget to greet everyone present, even if you don't know them personally. Handshakes or verbal greetings are appreciated. --zohra
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  • Don't expect public transportation to always run on time; delays can occur due to various reasons. --fatima
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  • Don't forget to thank the hosts for their hospitality and express your gratitude before leaving the wedding. --zohra
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  • Don't travel to border areas without proper authorization, as they may be restricted or require special permits. --aadil
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  • Don't overlook the importance of building strong personal relationships with Algerian business partners, as trust and connections play a crucial role in business dealings. --zohra
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  • When the host offers a bowl of perfumed water, use it to clean your hands. It's polite to do this. --Zureigat
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  • Eat couscous with a spoon, and eat stew with a fork --Zureigat
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  • Leave a little food on your plate if you're full. If it's empty, they will fill the plate up again. --Zureigat
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  • Use only 3 fingers when eating: thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. No more than this. --Zureigat
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  • Algeria, food+drinks --ccwriter02
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